Krampus releases Kronos' Heritage!

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Italy’s fast rising melodic death folk metal band KRAMPUS have just released their highly anticipated follow up to Shadows of Our Time in the form a killer three song EP titled Kronos’ Heritage.

The band is coming off a summer full of European Festivals and are looking to make waves again with this new release.  KRAMPUS is at the forefront of the fast emerging folk metal scene and are a force to be reckoned with.

As with all of KRAMPUS's music, the band has a powerful message behind the lyrics as they deal with the ever changing state of humanity, nature, and social issues. 
As clearly seen in the lyrics, the band is adamant about making their fans aware of the current state of the world and bringing to light the need for change and for humanity to take responsibility for itself as the world heads into darker times.

In addition, the band will film a music video with director Andrea Guarascio (Elvenking, Caparezza) at the helm for the albums title track, “Kronos’ Heritage”.

**News from Devin Walsh - Team All About The Music 


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