MERCURY TIDE: Dirk Thurisch ex-singer of Angel Dust is back!!!

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MERCURY TIDE feat. Dirk Thurisch (ex-singer of Angel Dust) signed to Limited Access Records
Limited Access Records is proud to announce the signing of the melodic metal band MERCURY TIDE, the new main band of former Angel Dust singer Dirk Thurisch. Beside the record deal for the new album “Killing Saw“, which will be probably released next spring, MERCURY TIDE signed a publishing deal with Limited Access Publishing / BMG Rights Management, too.

The MERCURY TIDE line-up
MERCURY TIDE’s current line-up is Dirk's old friend and companion Carsten Rehmann (Unchallenged Hate) on drums, who produced the new album in his CKB Studio in Essen Germany. On keyboards is Sim Reaper and the new bass player is Christian Pohlmann. In the past both played together at the graverockers The Spook.

Limited Access Records & Dirk Thurisch about the collaboration
Limited Access Records label manager Torsten Wohlgemuth about the signing:
"We are very happy about the collaboration with Dirk Thurisch and MERCURY TIDE. The new album is a killer and will not capture only the fans of the debut "Why?“. Dirk pulled out all the stops. The melodies are shaping directly into the metal heart, catchy riffs and of course his distinctive voice which we all have missed for such a long time."
Dirk Thurisch is also glad about the new record and publishing deal and has got a message for his fans:
"Hey folks! We are very happy about the collaboration with Limited Access Records, too. The work makes a lot of fun and we have many goals to reach. First of all we have recorded the new album “Killing Saw“ for you and now we can’t await to present it to you. Live we will have some exciting surprises. For old Angel Dust and our MERCURY TIDE fans we will perform some old classics. Thank you for being so patiently for such a long time and in return we have a great album for you. It has been worth waiting and I cannot await to see you all back on tour again!“

MERCURY TIDE on stage / booking-contact
Dirk Thurisch is looking forward to step back the pedal to the metal together with MERCURY TIDE, as shown at his comeback concert with Crimson Glory last may at Turock in Essen, Germany. For sure he will enrich many festivals with his presence. For Dirk the final Angel Dust chapter is closed, but he knows that many of his fans haven't forgotten classics like the divine “Bleed“ or the power metal masterpiece “Cross Of Hatred“. He will definately remember some old songs at his live shows.
Booking requests for MERCURY TIDE and our other bands are possible now. Get in touch!

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