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FRANTIC GINGER is a female, 3-piece rock band based from Los Angeles. Their debut album, "INSIDE YOUR WASTELAND" was released June 13, 2014 on the TSLA label. 

@FranticGinger new album is available at iTunes as well as all digital retail outlets worldwide. 

Fronted by bass player/vocalist, NICKI TEDESCO, their main Influence is in 80's - 90's Punk. LEE VING (FEAR), FRANK BLACK (The Pixies), THE PLASMATICS, AL JOURGENSEN (Ministry). 

Nicki talks passionately about the early to mid-90's "Riot Grrrl" movement (3rd wave feminism and female empowerment) She wrote and produced the album, engineered three songs on it and says she wouldn't change anything about the album. 

Nicki explains, "This album is real, it's about the hard times, life, an emotional roller coaster.. I'm tapping into my own reality." 

She has been a hired gun artist, a hired writer and having previous solo releases, her main goal with this album was to find her voice and define herself as an independent artist. 

She asked me to mention JASON from Seventh Wave Studios, who allowed her to challenge herself and express her feelings through her art. A sort of Therapy with nothing to lose. 

Her favorite song on the album is "Suicide Note" a serious epidemic that is clearly not a solution. In the song, her character of the day writes a Suicide Note, but nobody finds it! 

The "Suicide Note" video is currently being shot. "Sick As Freak" video can be seen 


Already recording the next album with over ten songs in the works, Nicki believes anything can happen as long as she is 100% true to herself in who she is. 

She also wants direct contact with her fans, doesn't want to be separate, or untouchable. With her TSLA studio, "The Strands LA" she wants to collaborate and help female artists find their voice in this industry. 

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