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Unleashed this week on July, Montreal, QC’s instrumental progressive metal masters UNBEING are offering up their latest creation and EP ‘Raptus’ as a FREE download for the month of July at the band’s official website

“This EP is instrumental music with the freedom to experiment as a soundtrack for a range of emotions, think of it as Meta-Jazz.” comments guitarist Sherif El-Maghraby

The follow up to their 2011 self-titled debut, the EP is an odyssey of nearly 20 minutes featuring four tracks titled Rapture, Batterie Faible, Tetris Rufus and 2nd Cup that were inspired by a scenario of a listener riding the city’s Metro subway line and continues with the band’s innovation and daring evolution. Testing their limits of creative compositions once again, RAPTUS’ purpose is to transport you both physically and emotionally; from the claustrophobic Montreal underground to the open expanses of the mind. Flowing through the ear drums of listeners, this EP is a musical journey of progressive metal meant to be heard from beginning to end in a true audio experience.

EP Stream – Raptus – 

Track Listing: Raptus

1. Rapture (3:05)

2. Batterie Faible (6:27)

3. Tetris Rufus (4:29)

4. 2nd Cup (5:55)

Total Length: 19:58

About: It’s March of ‘06. The world is asleep. Everything is still. No one is aware that a massive shift in the planet’s tectonic plates has given birth to a juggernaut. Fate has set three individuals on a collision course, their union shaking the very foundations of reality and sound.

Rising out of Montreal’s bubbling metal underground, it can be said that Unbeing have been through it all. Starting out as a three-piece, members came and went, two demos were released to an overwhelmingly positive response, the band won Metal Académie 2 – a two-month-long competition where the band impressed both the audience and esteemed metal judges such as Kataklysm to take home top honors – then decided to shake things up again. Taking the judges’ advice to heart, Unbeing opted to no longer continue sacrificing their creative liberties, removing vocals all-together to finally discovered its true nature in the form of a five-piece ProgEpic InstruMetal band.

But alas, five years after the birthing cries of Unbeing tore holes in the fabric of space and time, individually and as a whole, they have overcome hardships, laughed in the face of danger and stomped on the charred corpse of impossibility. In 2011, the band released its debut full-length album spanning 40 minutes of instrumental offering before solidifying its name in the metal community as a five-piece outfit. Two years later it was re-released, re-mixed and re-mastered on vinyl in September 2013.

Now in 2014, the fast-paced four-piece master composers return with their follow up EP ‘Raptus’, a four track 20 minute odyssey, which takes place in the Montreal Metro and in the mind of the listener transporting them both physically and emotionally; from the claustrophobic Montreal underground to the open expanses of the mind. With UNBEING, anything is possible.

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