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LUCA ZAMBERLIN presents the second EP titled "High Dosage" with six instrumental tracks produced by Luca and Alex De Rosso at the Cube studio. 
Luca is back on the market after the successful 2013 summer tour with Alex Masi and after the good success of the debut album titled "Mad for it".

Red below the LUCA ZAMBERLIN's interview!

Q: Hi Luca, let's talk about HighDosage, your second album. The Ep is finally out on sale through De Fox Records/Heart of Steel Records. Tell us how it was working with former Dokken guitarist Alex De Rosso producing HighDosage. 
A: Hi there. Having lived in the U.K and mostly London for 17 years starting to play guitar professionaly at the age of 19 after being signed to R.A.K Records, I must admit to myself that it was kind of a "deja vou"being in the studio with De Rosso. It looked and felt like when in the late 90s through the early 2000s I was doing lots of session work for singer-producer-actor Leee John (Imagination, Delfonics...) and Mike Lindup (Level 42). I really had to focus on my rhythm playing, groove...and a "less is more"overall rhythmic approach.  In terms of session times, it was actually very similar too. I reckon the whole Ep was done in 10-12 sessions, starting each one at 9.00 am until 12.00-12.30. Mind you, there is a 45-50 minutes one way drive from where I live to Alex studio, so it was earlish mate...the way I look at it, recording first thing in the morning, after a cool shower, a triple espresso, fresh ears and full of positive energy just works best for me, combined with a good sense of humour but maximum respect in terms of punctuality, professionalism and final result. Alex is very similar to me in the above mentioned things. I suppose these are the basics, the foundations in starting a good collaboration and most important, finishing it !!!                                                                                           
Q: So how was the approach in the recording of HighDosage ?                                                                                             
A: I really knew how I wanted it to come out but I had just one and a half song written down as I had just finished recording "Mad for It". Carlo Zundo ( the Mad for it producer) helped out preproduction-wise even though we ended up using less than 50 % of off I was with De Rosso in charge of production at the Cube Studio.  HighDosage is basically an old school jam thing with very little editing. All the lead gtrs are totally improvised on the spot and for the majority of them it was first or second take as we wanted to keep that live feel.  It was just great recording the old way with today's sound quality. I'm really proud of the final result.                                                                                                             
Q: Tell us about the songs... 
A: There are 6 tracks. I did Jimi Hendrix "Machine gun"...but again it was a pure jam as the only thing that we kept from the original version is the bass line. Actually even that is different. I'm not gonna go through all the tracks but my idea was to completly change the covers that I recorded. I wanted to make them my way, maybe they do not appeal to you but that's how I felt in that particular moment and that's how I played them. Shit, I forgot...we did a version of "Led Boots" and I did the exact opposite harmonic "manouver"that Jeff Beck did when he recorded it back in the 70s...that's for you to find's feel, emotion I was looking for...not perfection, we're humans and make mistakes so...nothing was planned, it it sounded good then it's good. That was the approach.                                                                              
Q: Any guests this time? 
A: I had the privilege to have Atma Anur, Alex Masi, Michael T.Ross and some other guys, actually even Alex De Rosso played bass on two tracks...we had a blast man. I've got to  thank Alex Masi for co-writing and playing lead gtr on "Time is our Enemy"(a Shawn Lane meets Pat Metheny kinda calm and thoughtful Masi-style thing...), maybe my favourite track,  also featuring the one and only Atma Anur on percussions, killing gotta listen to them two on the same track...Shaun Baxter, one of the UK's most respected guitarists and music educators, gave me the ok to cover one of my favourite tunes of his ,IMNSY, from the  Jazz-Metal album. Finally Michael T.Ross killed it on a neo-classical uptempo track...he added the icing on the cake with a fantastic keyboards'solo.... I was lucky to be able to have these guys on the Ep. Their playing was and is awesome....guess I will higher up the dosage next

Pictures courtesy by Alex Ruffini and RRR Remi Real Rock.

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