Arthur Falcone new studio-album


STEELHEART Records is extremely proud to present the new studio-album from one of the most virtuoso Italian Hard-Rock guitar-players: ARTHUR FALCONE.

Influenced by some “big names” of the genre like Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, Akira Takasaki and George Lynch, as well as the classic ‘80s sound of bands like Dokken, Loudness, Rainbow and Europe, “STRAIGHT TO THE STARS” is ARTHUR FALCONE’s third release (after his debut solo-album in 1998 and the successful comeback with “The Genesis Of The Prophecy” in 2009), and it’s an amazing Melodic Metal album with neo-classical influences, that is bound to conquer all fans of the genre and the guitars-maniacs out there!

With various special guests aboard, like Goran Edman, Titta Tani, Rob Rock, Mistheria and Alberto Rigoni, “STRAIGHT TO THE STARS” will feature 11 tracks, including 2 incredible cover-songs: “Soldier Of Fortune” (Loudness) and “I’ll See The Light Tonight” (Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force).

Cover artwork by the amazing Nello Dell’Omo.

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