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Heavy Metal band SOCIAL SCREAM has published in march 2020 their third album titled “Organic Mindset” through DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records, available on every worldwide webstores and contains ten granitic songs influenced by the old school pioneers of the genre, their album is a personal interpretation of the tendencies from both old and modern metal. Some songs from the new album have been included in playlists ( on Spotify which boast thousands of followers getting great media exposure and listening!

Social Scream is a Heavy Metal band from Sparta – Greece formed in 2008. The band have already released 2 albums, “Epiclesis” at 2014 and “Initiation To the Myths” at 2018. Band’s new album “Organic Mindset” published on March 10th 2020 in physical format too.

We have written to the band and heaving organize an interview wich you read below:

1. Hi guys, tell us your music history and when you formed your group?

Hello! Thanks for the interview ! We are Social Scream from Sparta-Greece.
The band formed in 2008 when Vlasis and our original singer Christos met at firerescurers school.
Since then we have releasesd 3 albums: "Epiclesis", "Initiation to the Myths" and the brand new "Organic Mindset". 

2. What is the bands and genre you prefer?

As a band we play Traditional Heavy Metal with some Thrash and modern Metal elements. As listeners we listen a lot of different stuff during the years but I think the core of our musical identity are the metal scenes of 80's and 90's.

3. Tell us about the album "Organic Mindset"?

It is a fresh approach to Traditional Metal sound and presents the new face of the band since nowadays we play as a 4 piece and have a more direct approach compares to the previous years.
The album was recorded at Dimos studios and produced by Dimitris Sakkas. It was released at March 10th by Heart of Steel Records. 

4. What is the source of inspiration for the lyrics? Who writes them?

Vlasis Diamantakos is our main songwriter/lyricist. Mainly we focus in life itself and the journey of mankind throughout time. Trying to search and expose known and unknown elements of our existence.

5. What are the reasons by which you decide to give your band the name "Social Scream"?

Before the first show of the band the bandmates voted between 5 names and "Social Scream" won.
I dont recall who came with the idea of this name but I guess the name established due to the social awareness vibe it contains and also because its very catchy and easy to remember.

6. Have you played in some important festivals or concerts that you consider fundamental?

I think the first show outside our hometown at Kavala Rock Festival should be considered very important and also the release live we did for "Epiclesis" album in Athens back in 2016.

7. What you think about the actualy Heavy Metal music scene?

As all music genres have a classic period, for Metal is and always will be the 80's. But besides this fact Heavy Metal still evolves and offers great music moments. Nowdays we enjoy a total accesibillity to music, so its a great period for the listeners to enjoy and dicover old and new music.

8. We would like to have your point of view on the pandemic situation with covid-19, will we achieve stability and defeat this virus?

It is a very unfortunate moment for all of us but even a global pandemic is a part of life. It is a way to remind us that nothing is for certain and we always need to take care of ourselves and stay mentally and physically healthy. I dont how the health industry will resolve the situation but I think that we are going to live in a more "health control" invironment from now on. Time will tell if this is for good or bad.

9. What do you foresee for the future of your music?

We looking forward to return to the stage and present live our latest record "Organic Mindset". Until now we have received great feedback for
the album and it seems we gain new friends and listeners. Also we plan to release next year a combination album with re-recorded versions of
some of our old songs! Thanks for the interview ! Greetings from Sparta-Greece!  

Special thanks to you guys, having great success!


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